Teen and Adult Level

Teen and adult level

The “Rebooting” application for this level is focusing on balanced development of all four linguistic skills (listening comprehension, reading comprehension, speaking, writing) in a culturally and communication rich context. The digital learning environment facilitates self-regulated learning, where the learners assume responsibility for their learning, monitor their performance, choose appropriate learning strategies and adjust their learning behavior, in order to achieve personalized learning goals. This level is focused on learner agency and a highly customizable learning experience.

Theme Concept

The content and learning resources for this particular level have been enriched with material that provides an insight on contemporary Greek culture and life. Videos for this level present various aspects of everyday life, art, history and civilization, and provide a detailed context for language learning. Additionally, certain socio-linguistic concepts are also covered, such as expressions and slang, dialects and norms. The content, also, includes fun facts about Greece, its places and its people, designed to connect tradition and history to modern life in the country.

Level Curriculum

  1.      Greetings / Introductions
  2.      Personal information (age, address, email, phone number)
  3.      Nationalities and languages
  4.      Work space and professions
  5.      Education – school and university life
  6.      Describing persons
  7.      Daily routines
  8.      Weather and clothing
  9.      My room
  10.   My house