Rebooting the Greek is an initiative for developing innovative tools and 21st pedagogy for teaching and learning Greek in the Diaspora. It builds on 15+ years of R&D at the Hellenic Studies Centre at Simon Fraser University with the support of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Critical to the success of this project and the preservation of Greek as a living language in the Diaspora, is our revolutionary and innovative approach of using the latest in mobile technologies and pedagogical techniques.

  • Student Modeling: the tutor will feature a component that will create individual learner profiles that will deliver a dynamic learning experience, customized to the student’s needs.
  • Voice Technology (no-UI): recent advances in the fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning will allow students to engage with the language app hands-free, in a chat interface.
  • Localization: our existing six levels of Greek language will be customized for strategic, regional markets, especially the United States, Canada, Australia, Europe, Turkey, and China.

Localization will enhance the learning experience and provide cultural context for the student.

  • Mixed Reality: employing advances in Augmented and Virtual Reality, we will deliver new ways to see, experience and connect pedagogy and reality – at any location, at any time, atany degree of abstraction.