Technology in Rebooting Greek

New technology in Rebooting delivers support for learners in both schools and at home through mobile devices and a dedicated web platform. The RBTGRK team is leveraging the latest advances in mobile app development, voice tech (speech to text) and augmented reality along with gamification and new “micro-learning” pedagogy to increase engagement and ensure better learning outcomes.

However, despite the advances in new technology implemented in the “Rebooting” applications, we have ensured that the technology is practically invisible and exists only to accommodate specific purposes in the learning design. The result is a content-first approach to development, where the implementation of technological features is guided by pedagogy, rather than the other way around.

“Rebooting the Greek” (RBTGRK) is utilizing the latest technologies in developing software and implementing backend infrastructure.

Development is based around “containers” and “orchestration”. Containers are self-contained, all-in-one software units that encompass a complete software infrastructure building block (stack). Containers have revolutionized software development and deployment by encapsulating complexity within simple, predictable, easy to manage blocks.

Orchestration is a set of tools that allow automated and co-ordinated deployment and scaling of resources, based on containers.

RBTGRK has been built with the Docker(TM) suite of tools, for containerization and orchestration. All resources managed by these tools are hosted on a scalable, virtual cloud infrastructure substrate. 

The above architecture, allows us to quickly model, verify and stress test new application features. Quick development code turnaround has enabled us to keep delivering a sustained flow of incremental updates throughout the course of project milestone progression.

Most importantly, this architecture enables transparent scaling of the application, without interruption while also anticipating future feature needs and long-term project sustainability.