Eva Achladi

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Evangelia Achladi is coordinator of the Greek Language Program at Sismanogleio Megaro-General Consulate of Greece in Istanbul. Her research interests lie in teaching Greek as second/foreign language to adults as well as in language-contact issues and Asia Minor dialects. Some of her published studies are: “Teaching practices based on language error analysis by Turkish-speaking learners of Greek” (co-authored article) 12th International Conference on Greek Linguistics, Edition Romiosini/CeMoG, “The language question in Smyrna in the first two decades of the 20th century”, Δελτίο της Καθ’Ημάς Ανατολής (2011). Contributions in collective works: “Encyclopaedia of the Greek press 1784-1974”, Institution of Modern Greek Studies ( 2008), “Smyrna: Forgotten City?”, (2006), “The Greek Press from 1784 up until Today: historical and theoritical Approaches”, (2005).