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Principle Investigator
Director SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies
Co-Principle Investigator
Acting Director SNF Centre for Hellenic Studies

Dimitris Krallis holds a doctorate in history from the University of Michigan. He joined the History Department and the Hellenic Studies program at SFU in the fall of 2006 as a Byzantine Historian. His book, Michael Attaleiates and the Politics of Imperial Decline in Eleventh-century Byzantium, examines the uses of history and historiography in the context of eleventh-century political and cultural debates by focusing on the work of the judge and historian Michael Attaleiates. In collaboration with professor Anthony Kaldellis at the Ohio State University Dr Krallis translated the History of Michael Attaleiates for the Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library series. He has also completed the first draft of his next book project, which will take readers on a tour of eleventh century Byzantium. His recent work ranges from explorations of Roman republican ideas in Byzantium to the place of Byzantine culture in modern post-secularist discourses.

Creative / Project Coordination

Costa Dedegikas has worked at the intersection of technology and education for close to 20 years. He is co-founder and Technology Advisor at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation New Media Lab at Simon Fraser University and an advisor to various technology start-ups in Vancouver, Canada. Costa is passionate about promoting Greek language and culture using innovative technologies. His current projects include Rebooting the Greek Language – an ambitious initiative that aims to develop new and innovative web and mobile tools for teaching and learning Greek in the Diaspora. Costa works closely with a number of startup companies on brand and product development and has overseen the development of multiple online learning platforms, interactive media projects, as well as educational and cultural mobile applications. His recent work includes work First Nations (Aboriginal) Language preservation in Canada and a project with the Greek Ministry of Culture that assists with the promotion of its cultural heritage through mobile applications.

Pedagogy / Academic Coordination

Dionysios Arkadianos is a computational linguist and an elementary school teacher. He has studied Elementary School Education (BA) at the University of Patras and Computational Linguistics (BSc) at the University of Manchester (former U.M.I.S.T.). He has also a Master’s degree (MA) in Teaching Greek as a Second or Foreign Language from the University of Patras. Currently he is a Doctoral Candidate at Simon Fraser University, in the field of Educational Technology and Learning Design. He has been teaching Elementary School level Greek for 12 years, the last four of which he is seconded to Vancouver, Canada.  He is also a member of the team designing and updating “Οδυσσέας” language learning online platform at the SNF Center for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University. His academic interests lie in the field of Intelligent Language Tutoring Systems and the  Extraction and Implementation of Learning Analytics.

Web / Server Technology Lead

Polychronis Kampylis has a Masters of Computer Science at Bristol University and has been with the New Media Lab since 2005 working as a systems architect and full stack developer. Having been involved in all major builds of the Odysseas Greek Language Tutor, Polychronis brings a wealth of experience and “know-how” to the Rebooting Greek project. Polychronis has been responsible for overseeing the transition to Symphony platform for both the Odysseas Tutor and SSHRC First Nations Language platform.


Mobile Technology Lead

Konstantinos Kontos began his carrier as a systems administrator / backend developer in 1999. Over the years he has written software for a variety of platforms / systems including Win / Linux, C, C++, .NET, Perl / PHP. Since 2007 he’s been working within the Apple ecosystem completing multiple mobile & desktop projects using Cocoa / Cocoa Touch & Swift / Obj-C and has been developing native mobile applications since the first iOS SDK. His current interests include Swift & Swift server-side development, FRP, Docker / DevOps & Bluetooth technologies. When he’s not coding, he’s an avid road cyclist and enjoys a good science-fiction novel. Quote: “The great artist is the simplifier.” : Henri-Frederic Amiel

Content (Audio / Video) Management & Support

Anastasios Anargyros Skikos has been with the SNF New Media lab since 2009. Since then he has been instrumental in supporting all aspects of lab development and course distribution. Tasos will be playing major role as creative content manager and support specialist in Rebooting Greek.

Researcher Gamification, UX, Feedback

Romanos Byliris works with Stavros Niarchos Foundation New Media Lab to research and create an effective learning experience for users, utilizing gamification, targeted feedback and group-specific needs. Romanos believes in the effectiveness of personalized education and has conducted significant research on how efficient information access, feedback and game-based learning lead to expertise. Romanos is a W. Ronald Heath Scholar, and is pursuing a BA in Cognitive Science at Simon Fraser University. In his free time, Romanos likes playing music, running and reading.


Chris Dickert is a strategic communications professional, graphic designer, and grant writer / developer with nearly ten years’ experience working in the technology and education sectors. He has undergraduate degrees in philosophy and history, as well as an MA in Byzantine History from Simon Fraser University. Since 2014, Chris has been bringing his writing, design, and brand management expertise to the Stavros Niachos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies, North America’s leading research centre devoted to the study and promotion of Greece’s language, history, and culture.


Internship Program Participant

Motion Graphics / Animation Design / Video

Gregory has a graduate degree in Civil engineering but also has studied  photography, digital color management, and 2D animation process. He has ten years of experience  working for many companies as the Elliniko Panorama magazine as printing and color specialist, also he worked for two years in DVS Design Studio in Thessaloniki in the Post Production department, taking part in various projects including TV commercials and kids’ short films.


Internship Program Participant

Graphic Designer

Melitini Baltatzi has completed her Bachelor in Graphic Design at Technological Educational Institute of Athens. Through the Erasmus program, she studied in Tenerife in the department of Fine Arts at Universidad de la Laguna, and also worked in a creative studio in Madrid. As an Illustrator / Animator, she created an animated short film named “Number 26”, which has been selected and projected in various Film festivals all over Greece such as Drama Film Festival, Naoussa Short Film Festival etc. She is also passionate with Branding, Packaging and UI/UX.  Currently she is working as a Illustrator and UI / UX designer for the “Rebooting Greek Language” project.


Internship Program Participant

UIUX Designer

Myrto Lazaridou dedicates herself in research. She is participating in Rebooting the Greek Language program, Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies at SFU, as a Design and Accessibility Researcher. Miss Lazaridou has a First-class Honors Degree in BA and MA in Design Research and Typography from University of Central Lancashire, UK. The last years she has been working as a Graphic Designer and Lectures Design at AAS College based in Thessaloniki. Miss Lazaridou is also a supportive speaker for learning difficulties. 


Internship Program Participant

Scripting / Storyboarding

Marina Apostoli was born in Athens and has  earned a Bachelor Degree in Classics from National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, School of Philosophy and is expected to complete her Master Degree in Creative Writing from Hellenic Open University in 2020. In 2015 she attended a seminar on teaching “Greek as a second Language” held by the Hellenic Culture Centre and she has provided tutoring in Greek to foreigners. From 2015 till 2017 Mrs. Apostoli was a volunteer tutor in UNESCO and in Kivotos tou Kosmou helping children from unprivileged families. She has been also teaching Modern Greek to middle and high school students focusing on developing their writing skills. Mrs. Apostoli’s interests include writing scenarios and novels.


Internship Program Participant

Content Development

Irene Vlachopanagioti was born in Athens and recently earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – School of Philosophy. In 2015 she attended a seminar on teaching Greek as a second language, offered by the Hellenic Culture Centre. In 2015-2016, taking part in an UNESCO programme as a volunteer, she taught Greek to children from underprivileged families. Since 2017, Ms. Vlachopanagioti has been studying Archaeology and History of Art at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. Her interests lie primarily in teaching Modern Greek, Ancient Greek and Latin, as well as studying prehistoric civilizations from around the world

Motion Graphics / Animation


Graphic Designer & Storyboarding

Magda Candiliari studied Αudio-Visual arts at Ionian University. Working as an illustrator since 2009 she participated in three academic exhibitions, Bienalle of Santorini and two personal exhibitions as well, studying the diversities of urban sketching and comic. As a director and animator she debuted her filmmaking,  entering festivals all over the world with her musical animation, titled “The Honeymoon”, winning the award of best animated shorts in New York Jazz film festival. Since then, she has been working as an illustrator for children’s books and commissions, a storyboard artist for advertising and film production companies, as well as in theatre and dance performances in the field of stage setting, graphic design and animation.

Android Developer

Nikos is a 4th year electrical and computer engineering student at the National Technical University of Athens, specializing in computer science and an aspiring Android developer. He has been actively involved in android development for the past 2 years and is constantly trying to learn more and improve his skills. As a student, NIkos has always tried to give back to the community and help others, through various volunteering activities. During his internship at the SNF Centre for Hellenic studies, Nikos realized how technology can positively impact people’s lives, a valuable lesson he plans to live by as a future programmer.

Education Partners

Sismanoglio Megaro, Turkey

Angeliki Douri graduated in German Philology from Kapodistriakon University of Athens and attained a MA in European Linguistics from Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg. For over a decade, Ms Douri has been teaching Greek, German and English in universities, institutions and schools in several countries. Currently based in Italy, she keeps teaching online and conducting research in language teaching. Her main areas of interest are new technologies in education, special education and language contact.

Sismanoglio Megaro, Turkey

Evangelia Achladi is coordinator of the Greek Language Program at Sismanogleio Megaro-General Consulate of Greece in Istanbul. Her research interests lie in teaching Greek as second/foreign language to adults as well as in language-contact issues and Asia Minor dialects. Some of her published studies are: “Teaching practices based on language error analysis by Turkish-speaking learners of Greek” (co-authored article) 12th International Conference on Greek Linguistics, Edition Romiosini/CeMoG, “The language question in Smyrna in the first two decades of the 20th century”, Δελτίο της Καθ’Ημάς Ανατολής (2011). Contributions in collective works: “Encyclopaedia of the Greek press 1784-1974”, Institution of Modern Greek Studies ( 2008), “Smyrna: Forgotten City?”, (2006), “The Greek Press from 1784 up until Today: historical and theoritical Approaches”, (2005).

University of Delaware

Hrysoula Davis has been teaching Greek to elementary school children at Odyssey Charter School in Wilmington, Delaware for ten years. Hrysoula Davis is also a State appointed mentor for new teachers, a teacher evaluator, and instructional coach. Ms. Davis has a BA and MA in child psychology from Villanova University and Teachers College, Columbia University, respectively, and is expected to complete her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from the University of Delaware in 2019. Ms. Davis’ interests include foreign language education policy, education equity, and world languages.

University of Pennsylvania

Dimitra (Mika) Tsekoura. Born in Athens, Greece. Graduated from Athens Law School in 1975, (Economics and Political science). Worked for several years in the industry, in business and advertising. In 1985 got a Masters degree in Communications and Media Production from Boston University aided by an Onassis scholarship. Since 1983 she has experienced the importance of teaching the Modern Greek Language in the USA on all levels and has realized the challenges and rewards. While in Graduate school she taught Modern Greek at Greek schools in Arlington and Cambridge MA as well as at the Boston Language Institute. After graduation she worked for a Law firm in Boston for a year and half, translating legal documents, and taught an accelerated Modern Greek summer course at NYU. She is the Modern Greek instructor at the University of Pennsylvania since 1988, and currently teaches three levels of Modern Greek: Beginners, Intermediate and Heritage Speakers. She has attended several classes in Human development at the Penn School of Education. She has participate in numerous seminars and workshops for language teaching and teaching with technology (Penn campus), as well as many MGSA symposia and presented her work at language teaching innovative projects at NEALT and at MGSA Modern Greek language workshops.

University of Patras

Dr Eugenia Arvanitis is Assistant Professor of Interculturality & Diversity in Education at the University of Patras, Greece. She teaches at the Post Graduate Program “Adult Education” of the Hellenic Open University. Dr. Arvanitis has worked for a number of divisions in the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs (2006-2012), namely, the Department of Educational Planning and Intercultural Education, the Office of the Alternate and Deputy Minister for Education. She has also worked as the co-ordinator of the National Quality Assurance & Evaluation Office in the General Secretariat of Adult Education in Greece, where she developed the National Quality Assurance and Assessment Framework for the Greek Adult Educational System. She has been involved in policy development for intercultural, adult and immigrant education (e.g. drafting working papers and expressions of interest for major national programs funded by the European Commission through the National Strategic Framework of Reference). Dr. Arvanitis lived for a decade in Australia gaining valuable experience in multicultural educational and ethnic language maintenance policies. Her Ph.D. research involved an in depth analysis of teaching practices and educational policies in Australia in the late 1990s with particular emphasis on Greek language classes and after-hours schools in Victoria. During 2001-2004, she was co-ordinator of the Greek Language and Cultural Studies Program (BA International Studies) at the School of International and Community Studies, RMIT University and the Manager of the Australian-Greek Resource and Learning Center at RMIT University, Melbourne.