Storyboarding for Rebooting the Greek Language Project

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Working as an intern on the Rebooting Greek program was a once in a lifetime experience! The Hellenic Studies Department  of SFU together with SNF made possible for us to work in the field of interest each of us has been the most passionate about. I had an amazing time storyboarding and designing parts of the Rebooting Greek app, while working towards a better understanding of my craft, under the absolute best professional conditions and collaborations.  This particular internship was an incredible journey that kept us excited about working in achieving our goals and dreams, as young artists, together with committing to a sentimental cause such as the preservation of the Greek Language in the Diaspora.

All in all, the program resulted in giving everyone involved a sense of accomplishment both for contributing in the cause it serves, as well as setting a great first start for our career paths.

Magda Candiliari’s storyboard work on “Heroes of the Disk” Episode 2 – Coming in February 2019

Magda Candiliari