Rebooting Greek Schools in the Diaspora

We are Designing Rebooting as a Complete Tool for Teachers!

We have handled all aspects of teaching and learning the Greek Language in the Diaspora. Find out how we have made sure “Rebooting Greek” works for learners and educators. 

How it Works?

Rebooting is a multi-faceted approach that leverages the latest advances in technology and pedagogy. Learn how it works for both learners and teachers!

Ages & Levels

Recent literature and research studies have shown that language learners of different ages represent divergent learning behaviours, according to their different characteristics and motivational trajectories, as well as their inherent developmental capabilities. The pedagogical approach adopted in the “Rebooting” project therefore prioritizes the implementation of age-dependent levels, over language proficiency levels.


The ‘Rebooting’ applications have been designed with flexibility top of mind, to allow for maximum adaptability for teachers and parents targeting individualized lessons for students at any age. Find out how to implement Rebooting in your classroom!