Pre-School Level

Pre-school level

Theme Concept

The learning materials include small stories based on fairy tales and contemporary life, as well as simple songs that introduce the vocabulary for each module. Videos promote interaction, through repetition or music-kinetic activities that accompany the linguistic component, thereby reinforcing the retention of vocabulary. The stories are carefully animated, in order to provide visual reference for every language element. Songs use repetitive patterns and simple lyrics, to maximize their effectiveness as a study material. Major characters for the videos include fairy-tale figures and anthropomorphic animals.

Level Curriculum

  1. Talking about myself (vocabulary for parts of the face and body, expressions on daily routines and personal care)
  2. Colours (vocabulary for colors, recognizing fruits and objects of a particular color, describe objects by color)
  3. Concepts of place and direction (vocabulary for adverbs of place, defining the location of an object, questions and answers about the location)
  4. Opposites (vocabulary for adjectives organized in opposites, describing properties of animals, people, comparing entities via specific properties)
  5. Shapes (vocabulary for different shapes, identify objects according to their shape, describing objects)
  6. Concepts of time (vocabulary for order, time expressions and days of the week, expressing daily routines in relation to time, identify and use concepts like χτες, σήμερα, αύριο)



Miss Fofo

Chromata Polla