Pilot is Underway!

Now that September is upon us it is important to provide you with all the information and support for the necessary preparations. The previous support package included detailed curricula of the first modules of the platform, which will be available for the pilot so that all the teachers are aware of the various instructional goals accommodated by the learning material.

This week we are release a document to provide more context to the pilot implementation of the “Rebooting the Greek Language” platform. In particular, the document contains five different implementation scenarios, each one of them requiring different degrees of integration of the application in the regular in-class learning session. The 5 scenarios have been designed to accommodate the different educational needs of each school participating in the pilot. Each scenario requires a different degree of adaptation of the “Rebooting the Greek language” curriculum, which allows the teachers to decide on how much their lesson plan is going to rely on the instructional goals determined by that curriculum, or whether they will maintain compliance to the existing curriculum followed by the school. The document showcases every implementation scenario, following a specific outline to clarify specific prerequisites, conditions, as well as a detailed description of the steps needed to be taken by the teacher to properly use the platform.

Please make sure that you are registered as a teacher on order to access the Pilot Implementation Resources!