Pedagogy in Rebooting Greek

I am very excited to participate in the “Rebooting the Greek language” project as an instructional designer and academic coordinator. In order to overcome the challenge of developing an application for learning Greek for such an idiosyncratic audience as the children in diaspora, we have implemented certain elements in the design, characteristic of the current trends in elearning. At the core of our pedagogy is a competence-based curriculum, which is organized in hierarchically related goals, following the principle of micro learning in educational technology. In order to reinforce the motivation of students when using the application, we introduced gamification elements to the interface and we created an overall story line to include all the different elements and interactions, forming a coherent entity instead of disconnected content units. Learning goals have been introduced in the curriculum as complex linguistic tasks of a specific communication purpose, which have a real world application and their accomplishment is easily detectable by the learner. Trace data captured during the students’ interactions are used to provide a clear and detailed picture of the learners’ performance, as well as feedback on how to increase their efficiency. The overall design accommodates fostering and enhancing the learners’ self-regulated learning skills.

– Dionysis Arkadianos