The Greek language is at the very core of Greek identity itself and yet it is facing increasing pressure throughout the Diaspora. At the current rate of decline, the Greek language will likely cease to be a living language within one or two generations. It is time for new approaches to this intractable problem that incorporates the latest in language pedagogy and educational technology. Using the Odysseas Intelligent Tutor platform as a foundation

as well as the latest technologies, and incorporating the extensive modifications made during a recent $2.5M Canadian government grant, we can offer a powerful and effective method for teaching the Greek language.

This new approach, which we’re calling “Rebooting the Greek Language”, will be a combined effort by over a dozen organizations and will feature the latest advances in mobile

technology, including augmented reality, a conversational user interface, fully localized content and revolutionary teaching methods based on smart learning analysis.

Critical to the success of this project and the preservation of Greek as a living language in the Diaspora, is our revolutionary and innovative approach of using the latest in mobile technologies and pedagogical techniques.