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This level focuses on vocabulary building and the use of a limited set of phrases and sentences that are commonly used and encountered in everyday speech. It also includes original songs to introduce vocabulary, game-like activities that promote understanding and the use of simple words and phrases. There is also an introduction to some common thematic domains, such as colours, shapes, animals, fruit, etc.

This level focuses on oral speech comprehension and production, including authentic linguistic tasks and speech acts like introductions, greetings, describing persons, describing one’s family, giving directions, etc. The learning experience is story-driven, with the progression through the level’s modules unlocking a series of cartoon episodes – “The Heroes of the Disk”. The theme pf the web series reflects the interests of children of this age and subtly integrates elements of Greek history and culture.
This level introduces literacy, with comprehension and production of written speech complementing the strong oral component of the previous level. The student motivation is reinforced by a strong gamification element which is integrated into the learning environment and involves a theme tied to ancient Greek mythology, history, and culture.
This level provides a complete and spherical approach to the language, emphasizing the communicational aspect, as well as the creation of linguistic artifacts. All of the four language competencies (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) are equally represented and practiced in the content, and peer interaction and collaboration is encouraged and promoted through various interactions and functionalities.